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Lets face it, building a cloud is hard. We spent years, building, perfecting and simplifying all the technology you need to create, use and manage even the most demanding cloud workloads, all in one platform.
Businesses, service providers and ISVs use Yottabyte technology to build private and public clouds, or connect them together to deliver hybrid clouds.
Software defines everything with Yottabyte's virtual datacenter technology. We authored the entire virtual stack: storage, computing and networking into one powerful software platform called Cloud Composer, packaged in appliances called Cloud Blox. Ready...cloud...go!

About Yottabyte

What Is Yottabyte All About?

Watch this video to learn about our DNA, who we are, what we believe, and how we feel about revolutionizing datacenter infrastructure and "clouds."

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Yottabyte In the News

  • September 8th, 2016

    U-M, Yottabyte partner to accelerate data-intensive research

    A strategic partnership between the University of Michigan and software company Yottabyte promises to unleash a new wave of data-intensive research by providing a flexible computing cloud for complex computational analyses of sensitive and restricted data.

    The Yottabyte Research Cloud will provide scientists high performance, secure and flexible computing environments that enable the analysis of sensitive data sets restricted by federal privacy laws, proprietary access agreements, or confidentiality requirements. Previously, the complexity of building secure and project-specific IT platforms often made the computational analysis of sensitive data prohibitively costly and time consuming.

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  • Wednesday, May 25th, 2016

    Yottabyte Named a "Cool Vendor in Compute Platform" by Gartner

    Yottabyte, a leading provider of next-generation software-defined infrastructure solutions, today announced it has been included in the list of "Cool Vendors" in the "Cool Vendors for Compute Platforms" report by Gartner, Inc.

    "Our selection as a 'Cool Vendor' by Gartner is a testament to the level of creativity and innovation we've applied to the IT challenges facing businesses today," says Duane Tursi, Principal of Yottabyte. "At a time when infrastructure costs are rising and IT resources are being trimmed, our forward-thinking virtual datacenter platform is tremendously versatile and hits every important benchmark."

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  • Thursday, January 28, 2016

    Tech Trailblazer Recognizes Yottabyte for Its Innovation

    Yottabyte, a software-defined datacenter start-up, today announced that it has been named a Tech Trailblazer Award finalist in the virtualization category.

    The Tech Trailblazer Awards are specifically designed for start-ups and are judged by a global panel of technology experts as well as the voting tech public. The awards program recognizes privately-held organizations around the world that are developing innovative solutions. The finalists have been selected through an initial judging round determined by a diverse panel of technology industry experts.

    Cloud Composer, Yottabyte's cloud-building software, creates a virtual datacenter environment that incorporates storage, compute and networking.

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  • Thursday, October 15, 2015

    Let's check out Dell, doom and the competition

    Its only chance is a diagonal move into hyperconvergence with a hope of building an endgame machine of its own. Yottabyte could give it the software, SimpliVity the hardware (along with a better underlying storage platform than anyone else, anywhere has). The alternative is probably courting Nutanix.

    If NetApp bought Yottabyte and SimpliVity both, managed to integrate the products and didn't botch the job like NetApp usually do, they might just have a chance. NetApp is so much bigger than both companies that it could get away with dominating those relationships.

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  • Tuesday, September 22, 2015

    Intel & Yottabyte Hyperconverged Reference Architecture Starter Kit

    Cloud Composer includes storage, compute, networking, automation, orchestration and analytics. Traditionally, these would each be a platform unto themselves; with Cloud Composer these are all base features incorporated into a single platform.

    Cloud Composer’s datacenter convergence model allows for a simplified, “building-block” approach to the creation of a high-performance virtual datacenter environment. This can help create a competitive advantage for your organization by reducing the time it takes to create and implement a fully enterprise ready cloud solution.

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  • Wednesday, August 5, 2015

    I, for one, welcome the rise of the Infrastructure Endgame Machines, Software Defined Infrastructure – we had it coming

    The result of years of this R&D is Cloud Composer. It can be a public cloud, a private cloud or a hybrid cloud. Yottabyte has gone through and solved almost all the tough problems first – erasure coded storage, built-in layer 2 and 3 networking extensibility, management UI that doesn't suck – and is only now thinking about solving the easy ones.

    Yottabyte didn't push back and say it needed to control all aspects of the ecosystem. it didn't come back demanding a means to limit the service providers' role, own every element of the customer relationship or otherwise marginalise everyone except itself.

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What's under the hood of Cloud Composer?

Cloud Composer is the intelligent software platform that power Cloud Blox appliances. Yottabyte delivers a complete datacenter infrastructure solution in a software defined package. Yottabyte’s hyperconverged, storage and networking Cloud Blox infrastructure appliances redefine datacenters by offering simplicity, unmatched flexibility and immense scalability for building clouds. By fully implementing Cloud Composer, businesses can reduce datacenter costs by more than 70%.

Cloud Blox include everything you need to start building a complete software-defined datacenter infrastructure (no additional hardware or licenses required):

Learn More About Cloud Composer

  • Scale-out Cloud Blox appliances:
  • Software defined storage (Yottabyte vSAN)
  • Virtual computing (hypervisor/VMs)
  • Virtual networking

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