Yottabyte Cloud Services

Cloud Computing

Extreme datacenter performance on demand

Cloud Computing is on-demand virtual datacenter environments engineered to deliver high performance and reliability.

All cloud providers sell Virtual Machines. No cloud providers offer entire Virtual datacenters. Using Yottabyte’s flagship Cloud Composer technology, you can leverage our cloud for public or hybrid-cloud computing environments. Forget DR, Yottabyte Cloud Computing delivers seamless high-availability for all your business applications.

Through the last decade, the market commoditized the ‘VM.’ Yottabyte commoditizes the entire datacenter. Yottabyte Virtual Environments (VE’s) are entire virtual datacenters; complete with virtual storage, virtual computers (VM’s) and virtual networks managed through a powerful, easy to use dashboard. We give you datacenter resources: CPU Cores, RAM, High-Performance solid-state disk and capacity optimized storage, that can be configured any way your requirements demand. Because VE’s are domain-aware, you can create your own multi-tenancy environments. Why choose from rigid VM configurations; create as many VM’s as you want and pay for the resources you use. You can template, clone, snapshot and synchronize at the Domain, VE or VM level. Want to try an application upgrade and see its impact on your entire production environment? Simply clone your VE, and your whole virtual datacenter will be duplicated instantly. Because your VE is its own isolated virtual bubble, on our scale-out deduplicated platform, none of your networking breaks and it consumes no additional space. Yottabyte is the next generation of cloud computing.

  • Built entirely on a scale-out architecture, data-center-grade SSDs
  • Featuring powerful Intel® Xeon® processors
  • 40 Gigabits per second of highly available network throughput to every host machine
  • Powered by Cloud Composer, software defined datacenter
  • Provision Virtual Environments in minutes, to quickly scale capacity up or down
  • Manage environments yourself with Infrastructure as a Service or inquire about Cloud Assist and Managed Cloud Services so we can help