Cloud Blox & Cloud Composer software-defined infrastructure

Cloud Blox Tech Specs

Cloud Composer is a lightweight software-defined infrastructure application that turns commodity hardware into a powerful Cloud Blox infrastructure. An infrastructure that offers unmatched flexibility, immense scalability, high performance and resilience.

Cloud Blox, powered by Cloud Composer, includes everything you need to build a complete software-defined infrastructure:

  • Integrated hypervisor
  • Software-defined storage
  • Software-defined networking
  • Data Protection
  • Scale-out building block appliances

Product Data Sheets

Key Features

Multi-tenant/cluster/site platform Create multiple virtual datacenters
Web-browser based GUI Single pane of glass management
Dashboards Monitoring, manage & alerting
Statistics & accounting Rest-like API


Built-in hypervisor (QEMU / KVM) VDC QoS / isolation
Automatic VDC/VM HA failover VDC/VM live migration
VDC/VM site to site replication VDC/VM recipe creator (cloning)
VDC/VM auto-snaphot w/retention Windows guest OS support
x86-based Linux guest OS support


Yottabyte vSAN Scale-out, distributed architecture
Live global deduplication Mirrored & striped data protection
Live corruption detection & repair Zero impact maintenance mode
At-rest encryption In-flight encryption


Built-in virtual switching Public/Private IP address managment
Layer2/Layer3 support Built-in firewall
MAC address management