YottaBlox & yCenter software-defined infrastructure

Introducing YottaBlox

YottaBlox, powered by yCenter, is the better way to a new datacenter. A software-defined infrastructure, purpose built for server virtualization and cloud computing, with everything you need in one solution. No proprietary SAN or NAS. No hypervisor license or networking. No expensive add-ons.

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Yottabyte's Software-Defined Infrastructure

Redefine Your Datacenter

  • yCenter creates a software-defined infrastructure that lets you deploy virtual datacenters, provision VMs, storage, and networks and reconfigure the infrastructure in seconds, without changing the underlying hardware.
  • yCenter creates an elastic, distributed, scale-out platform that automatically adjusts when new resources are added. No more over-provisioning. No more capacity planning.
  • yCenter is delivered as a complete datacenter solution. We don’t upsell you to get the features you really want, they’re all included. Everything you need, from hypervisor to storage to networking to data protection, is included in scale-out YottaBlox building block appliances and managed through one secure console.

Improve Your Bottom Line

Cost of Yottabyte vs. Competitor Solutions

yCenter will transform your existing infrastructure from a rigid hindrance to a flexible, dynamic driver of business initiatives. By abstracting resources from hardware, virtualizing computing operations, and creating an elastic infrastructure platform, yCenter positions you to immediately respond to business needs.

Adopting a complete yCenter solution will lower your computing and storage costs by 70% or more with advanced virtualization technologies, while improving performance and reliability with automated data-tiering and advanced high availability configurations.

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