For most businesses, archiving data requires a trade-off between cost, security, and accessibility. Storing data on low-cost media (such as tape) restricts access and often requires off-site storage that can compromise security.

yStor presents a new approach to data archiving – called active archive – that enables low-cost, long-term storage without compromising accessibility or security.

  • Native deduplication – global, distributed deduplication is built into yStor’s file system, reducing the footprint of archived data wherever it is stored.
  • Support for multiple drive types – yStor supports multiple, configurable storage tiers – from SSD to cloud storage – allowing you to match storage costs to the workload requirements. Pay for performance when you need it, use lower-cost options when you don’t.
  • Automatic Tiering – yStor includes automatic data tiering that places data on the appropriate tier based on access or policies. This allows for automated archival. As data becomes less frequently accessed, it will be moved to lower, less expensive storage tiers. These tiers are still part of the same file system, meaning that the logical location and level of accessibility remain intact.
  • Seamless Cloud Integration – yStor enables direct integration with cloud storage, not through an optional plug-in or gateway, but directly through the yStor file system. This extend deduplication seamlessly transitions into the cloud, providing an extremely low-cost storage option.
  • Multiple Sites - yStor provides a distributed file system, delivering content to a geographically distributed audience. yStor further simplifies data sharing and retention with built-in data synchronization that writes data to multiple sites simultaneously. yStor provides the business continuity benefits of off-site storage without the security risks incurred when your data leaves your datacenter.
  • Automatic Replication - distributed facilities can handle their local storage needs with local appliances, while all data is automatically replicated and synchronized across any cloud architecture for long-term retention and availability across the organization for immediate retrieval.
  • Local Caching - For geographically dispersed sites, data can be cached at each location to optimize access times and minimize bandwidth usage for popular content.
  • Easy to Find - Users never again have to search hundreds of directories or disks to find what they need. yStor's Content Addressable Storage (CAS) enables data retrieval based on content, not storage location.

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