HCI hyperconverged infrastructure

Virtual Storage

Virtual storage does away with the traditional, monolithic storage array, replacing it with a distributed pool of virtualized storage resources. With storage virtualization, a hypervisor separates the storage capacity from the underlying disc hardware. This capacity is pooled and presented as configurable and unified classes of storage resources. Because it is abstracted from the underlying hardware, virtual storage is considerably more scalable than traditional storage devices. There are virtually no maximum device limitations, and capacity can be added without the need for migration or downtime.

The yStor vSAN Solution

yStor takes a different approach to storage, using intelligent software and resource virtualization to replace antiquated and proprietary architectures with a highly scalable virtual storage solution.

yStor connects virtually any type and size of server or disk into a unified storage fabric, allowing you to build a modular, elastic platform that extends beyond the boundaries of traditional array enclosures. To add capacity, you simply add more disk drives to an existing server, or add another server – the allocation and balancing of resources is done automatically to present one resource pool.

The yStor platform contains three main elements:

  • Software SAN (vSAN) - presents storage capacity pooled from locally or remotely configured nodes as a single vSAN, independent of hardware, disk geometry, or location.
  • Yottabyte File System - is a highly scalable, distributed file system that provides yStor’s data management features such as volume snapshots, deduplication, and encryption.
  • ySync - provides data synchronization across geographically disparate yStor vSANs as well as third party systems, enabling the construction of private and hybrid cloud infrastructures.
yStor vSAN Solution

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