SDS software-defined storage

Filesystem (YBFS)

The Yottabyte File System is the intelligent backbone of the yStor architecture, connecting distributed nodes of storage capacity into a unified platform while enabling key data protection and data management functions.

  • Automatic Replication - distributed sites can handle their local storage needs with local appliances, while all data is automatically replicated and synchronized across any cloud architecture for long-term retention and availability across the organization for immediate retrieval.
  • Data Caching - For geographically dispersed infrastructures, data can be cached at each location to optimize access times and minimize bandwidth usage for popular content. Frequently accessed data can be automatically cached to faster storage tiers (SSD or RAM cache), improving storage performance through intelligent resource allocation.
  • Efficient Resource Usage - Local appliances are not required to keep a complete copy of large data sets. Metadata is synchronized between building blocks, reducing latency and allowing fast access speeds. The required data is quickly gathered when required.
  • Secure - Encryption-at-rest and encryption-in-flight is configurable.
  • Easy to Find - Users never again have to search hundreds of directories or disks to find what they need. yStor's Content Addressable Storage (CAS) enables data retrieval based on content, not storage location.
  • Deduplication – Distributed, global deduplication (both target and source side) is built-in, allowing for conserving bandwidth when synchronizing between multiple locations. Automated synchronization, deduplication, and continuous data protection let administrators store multiple data instances cost effectively.

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