Amplify Your Backup & Disaster Recovery Strategy

A Verge-OS environment can serve as a critical element in an organization’s backup and disaster recovery plan. Snapshots provide a complete system backup of all data and configurations, allowing for total system recovery. 

Business Goals

Protect business systems and data from accidental deletion, ransomware, and physical casualties such as floods, fires, and storms. With Verge-OS, you can avoid lost data and minimize downtime from these types of events.

Solution Overview

Verge-OS provides the following backup and disaster recovery features and functions:

  • Snapshots provide near-instant, point-in-time recovery points of an entire Verge-OS environment, including imported external data such as VMware backups and NAS file data.
  • Profile periods control the frequency and retention times for system-level, tenant-level and VM-level snapshots that enable customizable backup plans.
  • Block-level deduplication empowers snapshot policies that accommodate even the most aggressive RPO policies.
  • Nested multi-tenancy allows tenants to subdivide their resources further to manage and organize development and testing tasks within their domain.
  • Instant restore from backup nearly eliminates downtime to meet tough RTO policies.
  • Syncs can replicate system snapshots to another Verge-OS environment, onsite or offsite. With the appropriate resources and network configurations, offsite destinations can serve as a warm, standby disaster recovery site.
  • External systems can leverage the disk-to-disk backup feature to create backup files within Verge-OS.
  • The native Verge-OS VMware Connector enables the ingestion of VMware snapshots into Verge-OS, including the sync of file-level data using the NAS service.

Key Advantages

No Additional Software Required

Backup and disaster recovery features are natively integrated into Verge-OS, requiring no additional software.

Lower Hardware Costs

Use all manner of commodity or existing hardware to expand storage capacity, eliminating the need for expensive storage solutions.

Maximized Storage

Verge-OS vSAN global deduplication only stores unique blocks of data, allowing for more stored snapshots.

Smart Scheduling

Configurable snapshot and sync schedules accommodate designated dates and times as well as specific bandwidth throttles for business vs non-business hours.

Full Alerting and Reporting

The built-in subscription engine sends backup and sync notifications to designated personnel. You’ll have full transparency of all actions, including logs and hardware statuses.

Faster Syncs

Built-in compression and bandwidth optimization decreases the time required for off-site syncs.

Guest-Level Backup

The Verge-OS guest agent enables the capture of all guest-level data in memory at the time of backup.

Instant Restores

Synchronized snapshots instantly restore entire virtual data centers in a second geographic location, supporting aggressive RTO policies.

More Versatility

Creates backups and employ disaster recovery syncs for non-Verge-OS virtual machines, such as VMware.

Testing Automation

Easily schedule regular, automated tests of remote virtual machine backups using the built-in task scheduler.

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