Singularly Transform Your Data Center

Verge-OS is the only single operating system that can increase profitability and decrease CAPEX and OPEX costs. It replaces all of the software titles that currently comprise traditional data center infrastructure to provide a smooth, fully integrated machine you can deploy in minutes, not months.

 A Strategic Impact

Operational Advantages with Verge-OS

Increased Profitability

In a traditional model, building and hosting a virtual machine can cost $95 to $150 per month. Verge-OS is ⅓ that cost, so you can refocus your resources on application development and company growth.

Streamlined IT Operations

Verge-OS includes robust automation features that free IT personnel from everyday toil and drudgery. It enables any IT team to make a more strategic impact on the business.

Simplified Compliance

We’ve radically simplified the process of achieving compliance. Recipe standards allow users to instantly create and deploy compliant virtual data centers, reducing deployment time by up to 90%. As a result, Verge-OS improves security and compliance frameworks to accommodate current and future requirements.

Superior Ransomware Protection

Verge-OS creates a crypto hash using blockchain for the ultimate protection against ransomware and other malicious attacks. Get real-time dynamic detection and correction of damaged data without human intervention. All these features and more create a haven of resiliency to keep your data secure and available 24/7/365.


Verge-OS simplifies the process of moving workloads. With total data center abstraction, you can instantly clone and move entire virtual data centers with the touch of a button.

Rapid Scalability

Scale out as needs grow without risk. Tenants are automatically revisited on the fly with no workload impact as you add hardware.

Realize True Savings

Up to 70% CAPEX Reduction


Verge-OS eliminates equipment waste by using commodity hardware, so you save money.


By unifying the entire data center stack, Verge-OS eliminates the need for separate networking, hypervisor, backup and other licenses. This saves hours in configuration and management headaches and produces significant cost savings.

Hardware Utilization

With flexible resource allocation, Verge-OS users enjoy unmatched horizontal and vertical scalability.

A Sustainable, Impactful Solution

The IT sector accounts for nearly three percent of all greenhouse gas emissions, according to a report by Lancaster University and Small World Consulting. We’re doing everything we can to protect the future of our planet and for future generations with Verge-OS. We maximize hardware efficiency and longevity to reduce physical footprint and energy consumption of the data center by up to 70%. By extending the life of existing hardware and using less of it, less energy is consumed. That’s a game-changer we think everyone can get behind.

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