Dev & Test Environment

Verge-OS provides the security and agility required by development and testing environments. The platform’s ability to effectively isolate environments coupled with the speed of templated environment creation equips you with a solution that accelerates your development and testing timeline.

Business Goals

When development and QA teams need multiple isolated “sandboxed” environments for testing, Verge-OS helps establish highly agile environments without the need for separate physical hardware. We understand that the higher the application’s complexity, the more these segregated environments are critical to progressing product development life cycles efficiently.

Solution Overview

Verge-OS provides the following capabilities to create a secure and agile development and testing environment:

    • Create tenants for development and testing, and allocate the necessary resources.
    • Each tenant is a secure and isolated enclave, enabling the freedom to develop and test without impacting other environments.
    • Seamlessly reallocate resources among tenants (testing environments) as demand changes during the development lifecycle. For example, coders may require more resources (sandboxes, etc.) in the early stages, while testing may require more resources later for staging environments.
    • Nested multi-tenancy allows tenants to subdivide their resources further to manage and organize development and testing tasks within their domain.
    • Efficiently conduct repeated tests without time-consuming reconfiguration and setup, by rolling back individual virtual machines or entire environments.

    Key Advantages

    Rapid Environment Creation 

    Eliminate setup and configuration time by cloning an existing environment or using an existing recipe.

    Isolated Testing and Staging

    Nested multi-tenancy ensures the security and isolation of individual tenants using Verge-OS.

    Simple Reallocation of Resources

    Seamlessly reallocate tenant resources over time as development and testing needs change during the project lifecycle.

    Instant Rollbacks

    Roll back tenants and virtual machines instantly to give developers and testers the freedom to take risks without fear of starting over from scratch.

    Autonomous Multi-Level Tenants

    Grant individuals or groups the autonomy to create subtenants within their environment to streamline and organize tasks within their domain.

    Complete Change History Tracking

    Maintain a complete history at all levels for test tracking and troubleshooting.

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