Composable Infrastructure liquifies compute, network, and storage resources from bare metal servers to create pools of raw resources. You can then create nested multi-tenant virtual data centers from these liquified resources.




Virtual Data

A Single Piece Of Software is a single piece of software that allows you to have nested multi-tenant virtual data centers from commodity servers. 

Compute has a built-in hypervisor based on QEMU/KVM that supports both Linux and Windows guests. Our hypervisor provides bare metal-like compute performance to your virtual machines and virtual data centers.

Additional Compute Features:

  Runs any x86/64-based guest OS inside the hypervisor

  Supports the live migration of virtual machines and virtual data centers


Our virtual SAN provides scale out architecture for massive data stores and NAS volumes. Using blockchain technology, your storage is encrypted, ultra-secure, and only increases when unique data is written, regardless of whether you clone a single VM or 100. Global deduplication, snapshotting and recovery are built into the storage not add-ons and impart almost no performance hit. 

Additional Storage Features:

  Global block level data deduplication for faster remote syncs and greater storage efficiency

  Data protection through silent corruption detection and correction
  Supports workload-specific storage tier assignment including: NVME, SSD, and HDD

  vSAN supports AES-256 bit data encryption at rest

  Automated VM snapshots and customized profiles

  Quickly clone individual VMs or data centers and deduplicate redundant block data

  Dynamic detection & correction of damaged data blocks without any human intervention

  Optimized remote synchronization with built-in deduplication across remote sites

  Automated Health Checks

Network includes a software-based delivery of tools and management for the full network management stack. Each network includes an integrated firewall and common network services. 

Additional Network Features:

  Integrated software-defined networking

  Supports VPN technologies such as IPsec and WireGuard

  Individual virtual data center isolation using VXLANs

  Supports the creation of isolated virtual networks

  Supports QoS per individual virtual data center for throughput and packet rate throttling

  Real-time and historical network activity metrics for      greater transparency

  Supports advanced networking features such as BGP, OSPF, VLAN, and VXLAN

  Virtual Firewall with enhanced IP Filtering, NATs, PATs and DDoS protection

  Layer 2/3 Virtual Switch/Router

  VPN Concentrator with both IPSEC and WireGuard    support

  Authoritative DNS & DHCP Support

  Network monitoring & metrics

Nested Multi-Tenancy

Create independent, secure, nested virtual data centers. Each virtual data center can have its own compliance standards or can be cloned from a template to assure consistent compliance.  Each tenant virtual data center is containerized and isolated so it can be moved from one  platform to another. Use tenancy to manage compliance, selling through channel or charge back needs.

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