Pricing's pricing is uniquely simple, predictable and transparent.

One Piece Of Software

Cloud pricing has gotten too complex and too difficult to manage. brings simplicity, transparency, management and fairness to the cloud.
We don't just simplify the technology we simplify your business.

Simple - Workload Billing

You can install the software on as many servers as you wish.

You are billed only for the GB of RAM and GB of storage used by your workloads each month.  

Fair - 95th Percentile Billing

You are only billed for RAM and Storage used by your workload at the 95th percentile.  So you get up to 36 hours of unlimited peak usage at no charge, limited only by your hardware.

No Suprises - Management Built-in

Use the dashboard, or API, to see the GB of RAM and storage used by your workloads. You can set monitoring alarms should either resource spike to avoid surprise bills.

Cost Effective - Deduplication

The storage used by your workloads are globally deduplicated. This means that you might only need to pay for 10% of the actual storage value you are delivering. Service providers can experience significant de-duplication across customers, increasing margins.

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