Use Cases can be used anywhere you need composable infrastructure to host a variety of workloads. With a single piece of software you can deliver high performance at the edge or in massively scaled data centers.  

Edge Servers

Run complex, high performance workloads at the edge on a very small footprint. Self-healing and remote management capabilities enable distributed, remote deployments.

Build Your Own Cloud

Launch a new cloud offering with a richer experience and at a lower cost. Sell virtual data centers with a single easy UI. Nest virtual data centers to support selling through a channel. 

Repatriate Workloads

Re-platform a workload from a public cloud or legacy HCI stack to regain control of your spend while retaining the benefits of the cloud. 
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Dev / Test Environments

Use nested virtual data centers to quickly create or clone entire workloads for testing purposes. Massive deduplication and instant snapshotting allow for frequent checkpoints when testing or developing. Reduce the hardware spend for dev and test environments and free up developers from managing their own infrastructure


Migrate a legacy workload to a virtual data center to practice migration scripts. Easily clone and snapshot workloads to roll back migration tests to dramatically increase throughput.


Create multiple virtual data centers with honey pot workloads. Easily snapshot workloads to study results. Create new virtual data centers easily and quickly for new honeypots. Massive deduplication means common workloads will use minimal additional data.

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