Enterprise Server Infrastructure

Verge-OS enables streamlined IT operations and efficient use of hardware. Included features provide the tools for resilience, data protection, and monitoring and alerting. Realize a complete data center solution with a single operating system. 

Fulfill Your Business Goals

Looking to reduce legacy systems and infrastructure costs, improve agility and protect against ransomware and other malicious attacks? Check off all those goals and more right now. 
With Verge-OS, you can host IT operations and business group applications with a single integrated solution that supports a modern hybrid cloud architecture. Our platform can handle physical legacy systems as well as virtual machines. 

Additional Features

Verge-OS streamlines IT operations in the following ways:

  • Segregate resources, billing, security, and compliance requirements by creating different tenants for each business unit.
  • Create tenants for IT operations that are isolated from business group tenants.
  • Deploy NAS services in any tenant to provide direct file-level storage.
  • Centrally manage tenant resources such as users, groups, and virtual machines or give business group representatives autonomy to manage their own resources.
  • Scale clusters and adjust resource allocations among business groups as IT needs grow.
  • Use tenant statistics to track usage by individual business group (tenant) for billing, reporting, and forecasting purposes.

Key Advantages

Improved Change Management Process

Test all complex changes in advance, in an isolated sandbox replica of the production environment.

Rapid Scalability

Leverage unrestricted scalability by only adding physical resources.

Simplify Compliance

Simplify compliance by providing secure enclaves for tenants and isolated internal networks.

Granular Resource Tracking

Allocate resources, track usage, and bill per individual business unit using nested multi-tenancy.

Comprehensive Data Protection

Effectively protect data with vSAN redundancy, integrity checks, and snapshots.

Instant Restores

Instantly restore tenants, virtual machines, NAS volumes, or entire systems.

Integrated Disaster Recovery Capabilities

Sync entire virtual data centers offsite with no required extra software for out-of-the-box disaster recovery capabilities.

Consolidate IT Operations

Streamline your IT operations with a single, intuitive interface for end-to-end data center management.

Reduce Disparate Vendors

Eliminate licensing administration and version update compatibility among multiple software titles and vendors.

Efficient Hardware Use

Maximize hardware budgets by using commodity components for raw resource pooling, and efficiently allocate them across business units. 

Eliminate Vendor Lock-In

Eliminate vendor lock-in by easily importing and exporting virtual machines in standard raw format with the Verge.io VMware Connector and the Clone Import Utility.

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