Why Verge-OS for Service Providers

Service providers, CSPs and SaaS organizations, rejoice: Verge-OS is here. Stay competitive in today’s tough market and eliminate the complexity that often comes with providing a recurring revenue model. Verge-OS delivers a 70% reduction in capital and operations costs, 90% improvement in deployment speeds, and at least a 2X improvement to your bottom line. The result? Your business is that much more profitable and your life is that much easier.

Achieve Your Business Goals

Verge-OS helps MSPs expand their product line and meet the following goals:

  • Compete with hyperscale cloud providers
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Improve profit margins
  • Protect yourself and your customers against ransomware and other attacks

How? Verge-OS has been proven to reduce CAPEX and OPEX expenses by at least 70%, drastically improving profit margins and keeping you ahead of your competitors. Anyone can use Verge-OS, so there’s no need to hire high-priced experts. In addition, the architecture protects against ransomware with secure multi-tenancy for deploying numerous customers securely and easily, with no need for dedicated silos of hardware.

Use Cases

Verge-OS allows MSPs to deliver private clouds at a lower cost than the hyperscalers. Retain Windows & Linux workloads at higher margins. MSPs running VMware or other hardware see cost savings of at least 70% or more and a 2x performance improvement.

New entry to MSP market

Many service providers and VAR/Integrators seek high-impact recurring revenue models. However, they struggle to successfully adopt this model due to complexity and the cost structure of the industry. Verge-OS enables MSPs to quickly build out an offering without siloed IT specialists using minimal capital resources.

Improving bottom line profitability

Existing and established MSPs are experiencing year-over-year reduction in profitability and relevance due to market pressures from AWS and Azure. Depending on how efficiently they have been managing costs, the typical cost for an average VM deployed (e.g., software, hardware, connectivity, power, etc) is between $95 and $150 per month. Verge-OS provides the following benefits:

  • VM deployment costs range from $20 to $30 per month whether standing up a new offering or replatforming an existing one.
  • The ability for MSPs to use the platform organically for net new projects and for renewals. This enables greater value by aggressively replatforming existing workloads, so you can use those savings towards other business functions.

New sources of revenue

For cloud transformation consultants or MSPs who are missing revenue and service opportunities, and/or find that layering managed services onto public cloud has lost its luster, Verge-OS provides the following benefits:

  • A migration tool to abstract workloads instantly and more efficiently into the cloud
  • The ability to address systems that will not natively fit onto a cloud environment. With this, MSPs can capture additional managed services, offering a more complete solution which increases the likelihood of winning business and maintaining relevance for large and complex deals

Additional Multi-Tenancy Features

For MSPs, multi-tenancy is the key to a successful business. Verge-OS provides the following capabilities to empower the rapid deployment and management of virtual data centers:

  • Create tenants that are secure and isolated from other tenants, each running their own instance of Verge-OS.
  • Allocate storage, CPU, and RAM per tenant from available resource clusters.
  • Each tenant has the autonomy to self-administer their environment using the Verge-OS dashboard to access complete data center functionality.
  • Seamlessly modify tenant resources, delete tenants, and add tenants as customers' needs change.
  • Scale system resources where and when required by simply adding commodity hardware.

Key Advantages

Substantial Hardware Savings

Save up to 70% in CAPEX costs with commodity hardware. No specialized or proprietary hardware necessary.

Dramatic Operational Savings

Verge-OS automates and simplifies data center tasks that consume resources, resulting in fewer vendors, staff and more streamlined operations.

Increased Staffing Efficiency

Reduce infrastructure management headcount by 50% and empower your staff to focus on your core business, not mundane management.

Secure Multi-Tenancy

Each tenant has its own secure and feature-complete instance of Verge-OS that includes CPU, RAM and storage. Create tenants manually, by clone, or via recipe. Run workloads within individual tenants to provide a secure access point for each customer.

Integrate External Systems

The Verge-OS API enables integrating auxiliary systems such as customer self-service, accounting & billing, and ticketing systems.

Rapid Scalability

Easily rightsize equipment to start and then quickly scale with commodity hardware as the business grows.

Instantly Add Aggregate or New Solutions

Rapidly deploy aggregate solutions or added services to new or existing customers using tenant recipes and VM recipe catalogs.

Extensive Automation

Automate time-robbing operational tasks with Verge-OS features such as tenant cloning, tenant recipes, task scheduler, and cloud snapshots.

Simple Usage Information Tracking 

Track per customer (tenant) usage information such as RX/TX rates, CPU usage, and RAM.

Easily Monitor Hardware Health

Directly monitor and troubleshoot hardware from the Verge-OS interface with built-in IPMI integration and diagnostic tools.

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